Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to write blog?

How to write blog?
Lots of people want to share their information through blog. But they don't know how to write blog. Unique and useful content is the base of the blogger success, Follow following some point  to write blog and attrack your audiounce agin and again.

1. Set and final your goal - It is important to set your goal first, Because you don't know tomorrow your will be very successful blogger. Set what you want to share,  Are you want to share your business idea?, Are you want to share your experience?, or Are you want to blog for just fun? So it is important to set your goal first.

2. Establish the relation between you and your audience - Your blog design and content is only one way to attract your audience. So focus on your blog design, try to establish your brand. Try to establish bond between you and your visitors.

3. Choose effective headline - Head line should be effective, short but descriptive. Visitors want to ready complete blog because of your perfect headline.

4. Develop your own writing style - Every blogger having their own unique style to write blog. Develope your writing style. Try to establish two way communication with visitor. For that try to ask some question to visitors and ask them their response or opinion. Some time add some other related post links for pertuculer phase or topic in your post.

5. Effective use of images - Use images, graph, some blue prints to explain effectively. Some time using images visitors will easily understant what your want to explain.

6. Consistency - Always update your contents regularly, Post your blogs periodically, Try to take survay and improve what your audience exactly want. Send replay to every comment that visitor posted. Regularly give update to your audience.

7. Concussion - Always try to add conclusion about your post at the end. Conclusion should be very
short summary of your whole post. If your are debeting on some points or differentiate between multiple points then conclusion should help to choose write on as per visitors expectation.

Avoid followings,
  • Copy and past copywrite content
  • Avoid negative content
  • Don't include links that is not related to topic
  • Long paragraph